A work is an individual intellectual creation of literature, science, or art that is protected by copyright law. Works are copyrighted as soon as individual originality is noticeable. A work's creator is automatically also the holder of its copyright which is neither transferable, nor sellable nor can it be ceded to someone else. An artist has the possibility to transfer the rights of use and reproduction of his or her music to a collecting society which then holds and manages these rights on his or her behalf. The right of use has then to be obtained from the collecting society and a license fee has to be paid for each use. The collecting society then distributes the generated fees to the creator.
Find hundreds of Royalty-free pieces of music in our large Royalty-free music library. Our composers are not affiliated members of any collecting society (like GEMA) which means no registration process is necessary and the licenses are included in the purchase price, with license fees only having to be paid once.

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