Rock is a musical genre. It emerged in the late sixties and has continuously developed further ever since.
Today there are a lot of additional sub genres such as heavy metal, hard rock, goth rock, blues and folk rock, indie rock, alternative rock, punk rock, and many more. Characteristic for all different styles of rock is the use of electrically amplified, often distorted guitars and bass guitars as well as the use of big acoustic drum sets. A rich and full sound is an important element and a defining characteristic of all rock songs and rock bands.
Rock music initially suffered from a bad reputation and social criticism. Rock concerts were often mistaken as subversive or politically rebellious and sometimes even immoral events and were therefore often forbidden. Nowadays rock music is generally accepted and popular and well respected as an individual part of pop culture. As music is playing an increasingly important role in advertising, rock music has become a common feature of today's adverts.
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