"Royalty-free music licensing"

When using music, a lot of legal conditions have to be taken into account and the copyright protection has to be preserved at all times, so that the creator and other involved parties receive the compensation they are entitled to. In case of doubt it is always recommendable to gain proper music licenses for the according purpose.
The creator might be member of a collecting society (e.g. GEMA), in which case the license has to be purchased from the collecting society. Furthermore, the user has to pay license fees which depend on where and how the music will be used and how many people will have access to it (e.g. radio shows).
Gemafreie Welten does not belong to any collecting society, which means our license models save you time and effort. Because you agree all terms of usage directly with the creator of the music, you only pay once for each music file and the related and customized right of use.

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