"Licensing terms & Royalty-free guaranty"

Unlike other providers, Gemafreie Welten offers only one licensing model. This makes a lot of things easier!
The sounds (ring tones, music tracks, sound effects, jingles, etc.) offered on Gemafreie Welten have our guarantee to be 100% Royalty-free (GEMA, Suisa, AKM, ASCAP-free).
Admissible use of our provided content:
All sound content in our online library is created by or on behalf of Gemafreie Welten and is entitled to be used without any restrictions for movies, websites, videos, telephone loops, radio channels and on promo DVDs.
Strictly prohibited is solely the usage, distribution and provision of the individual sounds and melodies in their provided form (e.g. on sample CDs, CD-ROMs or in Internet archives). It is furthermore not permitted to provide or sell these sound files, melodies and music tracks, templates, software, or database as well as to offer these sounds in the form of a download to third parties. Linking our sounds and templates is not allowed. Please read our terms & conditions for more information.
General legal background:
If you want to use a musical work you always have to ask the creator for permission. Musical compositions, sounds and ring tones are protected by copyright law. If the composer is a member of a collecting society (in Germany the GEMA), license fees have to be paid for the public presentation of these works. Collecting societies like GEMA hold the entire performing rights for all works of its members.
Single tracks can therefore not be offered in a Royalty-free version.
All works offered on this website are 100% free of license fees and are not owned by any collecting society such as GEMA.
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