"Video game music"

Game music is mostly used for computer, video and Flash games.

While game music was initially determined by monotone melodies and polyphonic 8 bit sounds, modern PCs allow the production of high quality music tracks with Dolby surround comparable to the quality of film music.

Thanks to the vectorized computer language Flash (was Macromedia and is now Adobe) and due to a reduced charging time, it became possible to play video games online. We therefore offer special licenses for Flash games.

As well as film music, game music is nowadays produced with software programs on the computer as latest technologies enable the creation of professional orchestral music with so called "orchestra libraries" and "high tech computer networks". Genuine instruments, musicians and orchestras are nowadays only used for large scale productions where the target group is an international audience.
Save costs and use existing Royalty-free music!

If you are looking for video game music, existing music from our Royalty-free music library is the cheaper option. Gemafreie Welten makes exclusive music available for use as a basis to be modified and adapted according to individual requirements. We offer music licenses and guarantee their exclusive property rights, meaning that they will not be and have never been used in any other media context.

Browse our Royalty-free library and find numerous sounds and pieces of music to create your own complex high quality game music. Use the music and sounds from our library to design music for a video game as well as background music. Thanks to our easy-to-use search functions you are able to search the music by genre or mood. Gemafreie Welten offers a music library with tracks and sounds applicable for Flash games as well as for state-of-the-art 3D games.

Our archive also offers PC games for kids, role playing or strategy games. We arranged the order of all music tracks in our catalogue to meet the requirements of each individual genre. A precise search function (by keyword and with sound samples) provides matching results to your personal search.

If you still don't find what you are looking for, we will be pleased to produce your desired video game music for you.

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