"Download Royalty-free music"

Music download is the transfer of a music file via a network from the Internet or a website to a local PC.
Apart from many legal download shops, there are as well numerous illegal download networks on the Internet which have caused massive complaints and copyright disputes over the last few years. The music industry has been suffering a decline in sales for years now and blames the increase of illegal downloads for it.
The main reason is surely that illegal downloads are free, another one is the massive technical convenience of downloading. The recipient can dispose freely of the downloaded music files, copy them and send them to friends, etc. DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a digital signature invented to avoid illegal downloads. Unfortunately, this method has not proved successful in practice because it is expensive and frustrating for customers.
Our Royalty-free music data base includes more than 1000 sound files of different genres. All sounds are professionally produced and mastered. Our library browser has a user friendly and well structured music search feature. After a user account has been activated, members can download their required music quickly and easily from our user download section.
All productions downloaded from Gemafreie Welten are 100% Royalty-free and don't belong to any collecting society (such as GEMA, Suisa or AKM).

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