"Audio format Windows Media WMA"

The windows media audio format, short WMA was developed by Microsoft and is used to compress digital audio contents. It is based on a process similar to the one used for the MP3 format. The file size is extremely minimized by erasing non-distinguishable frequencies and/or tones that are beyond the human audible spectrum (deeper than 20 Hz or higher than 16 Hz). The codec supports word lengths of up to 24 bit and sampling rates of up to 96 KHz at a variable bit rate of up to 768 kb/s, as well as surround sound with channels up to 7.1.
The Microsoft Windows Media Player is free for all users which means that every XP user already owns all the necessary software including free updates. We recommend Microsoft as our partner for audio formats and DRM (DRM, short for Digital Rights Management is a signature based method to manage the rights of exploitation, presentation and duplication of digital media).

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