"Audio CI"

The audio CI (short for audio corporate identity) supports a company's recognition, identification and image.

As part of the corporate identity, the audio-CI has to be consistent and has to create a recognizable company image whenever a company communicates with the public. This applies to: holding loops, radio/cinema/TV adverts, websites, e-mails, voicemail, corporate presentations (PowerPoint, overhead) fair stands, giveaways, ring tones, podcasts, PCs, company premises, loudspeaker announcements, waiting rooms etc. To guarantee successful recognition and identification with a brand, it is essential to use specifically memorable, innovative and concise sounds with a catchy character which stays in peoples’ minds. Furthermore, the associations created with the audio logo and background music have to comply with the overall CI of a company or a brand and their message.

Gemafreie Welten offers a wide selection of music tracks, sounds and audio logos to be used as part of an audio CI. For special requests please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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