"Video podcast"

A podcast, also known as an audio blog, sends audio data, whereas a video podcast sends video data. First published at the start of the 21st century, podcasts and video podcasts are fairly new media that enable consumers to subscribe to music content, shows or series and get them transferred via a so called news feed or RSS feed. From a media point of view, a podcast is comparable to radio or TV series, with the difference that podcast series are produced independently by private individuals or companies and that they are available at any time.
A specific podcaster software transfers the audio or video files to the portable player of the user to be played at any required time. The production of podcasts and the related technology is becoming cheaper and more and more companies are discovering the media impact of this new mass media. Marketing with a clever use of music and a professionally designed audio CI reaches thousands of consumers and conveys brand messages directly to the podcast user without an enormous marketing budget. All it takes to produce a video podcast is a digital camera or webcam, a video cutting program and an Internet connection.
One hot topic of the podcast scene is music licensing (in Germany GEMA). As with any other public presentation of music, music for podcasts is also rights managed. That is one reason why Royalty-free music is becoming increasingly popular among podcast producers.
Please also check music production for more information.
We are happy to compose and produce individual music for your projects.
All songs are 100% Royalty-free and don't belong to any collecting society (such as GEMA, Suisa or AKM).

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