Telenovela is a TV format from South America with a limited number of follow-up episodes. This is not to be confused with daily soaps that can literally go on forever. The concluded story of a telenovela is usually told from the point of view of a female protagonist with each episode working like a chapter in a book.
Characteristic for telenovelas is the use of cliffhangers as a narrative device to keep the audience engaged in the plot. This means that each episode ends in an extremely dramatic situation and an open end. The viewer wants to know how the situation turns out and continues to watch the episodes which all end in the same captivating way. This is how telenovelas and daily soaps keep their audience engaged for longer periods. Consistent background music, catchy theme music and likeable long-term series-heroes achieve the effect of recognition and identification among the audience, which also affects the underlying brand messages in the series.
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