"Music producer"

Comparable to a film director, a music producer is responsible for the technical and artistic direction of a music recording.
He or she manages the technical planning and realization, sets up the recording studio and the equipment (microphones, sound absorption, etc.) and controls the technical recording equipment. The producer may also help with the creation or the arrangement of the music or even produce parts of the music following the guidelines of the musicians. Further important skills of a good music producer include psychological support and guidance of the artists, as well as settling disputes or handling insecurities such as stage fright among musicians.
After recording the music, the producer either manages the follow-up work personally or directs it if another sound engineer is responsible. All audio tracks are then mixed together and tuned to achieve a consistent sound with all instruments audible. The final step and finishing touch is the process called mastering.
All our music productions are 100% Royalty-free and don't belong to any collecting society (such as GEMA, Suisa or AKM).
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