"Wav file"

A WAV file is an audio format (audio file) for the digital storage of music or sound data. The correct term is RIFF WAVE as it refers to and operates according to certain guidelines of the Windows standards. WAV files include the digitalized form of an acoustic signal, which means a subtle presentation of the temporal course of a vibration. The elongation of a vibration is held at certain times. The quality of the recorded sound or piece of music depends on the sampling rate and the number of bits (bits per sample, also called bit depth).
All this leads to a very big file size of WAV which is (other than MP3 or other formats) uncompressed, which means lossless. During a recording process (e.g. analog or digital conversion) analog data is scanned and converted into digital, so called PCM data. WAV format has become the standard in lossless storage of digital audio data on Microsoft Windows systems. This is usually the data that is sent to mastering studios or used as containers for audio CDs. The music from Gemafreie Welten is produced in state-of-the-art sound studios where WAV files are mastered at the highest bit rate (32 bit).
The usage of WAV files on the Internet is complicated because the high quality of a song in WAV format can easily use storage of more than 80 MB. However, the professionally compressed MP3 files in our download section are created with the greatest care and precision. That saves a lot of downloading time and guarantees the best possible audio quality for our customers.

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